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It's time to go...Springvale
Their proposed move to Casey can't come quickly enough. In their current state the competition would probably be better without them. Don't get me wrong, for a half today they were brave. They put on a show. But after half time they were flogged - 3.1 to 13.5. Infact they were scoreless in the last quarter. Admittedly they struggled to contain James Podsiadly, but they were uncompetitive in the second half. When their teammate was knocked out by an opposition player 10 mins into the last quarter (didn't see it happen so won't comment), they barely showed a wimper, whether it be physical aggression or by putting something on the scoreboard. It was spiritless. It is also disappointing to see a reserves team like they have - sitting on one win and a percentage of less than 40. Now I know there are teams across the country which struggle, but should there be a side in the second tier level of footy in this state who struggle like that? I know they have injuries, and have had walkouts. But so have other clubs. I'm not saying, and never would say, that their players who ran out today, or last week, or any other week this season aren't blessed with any talent. Actually I respect most of them for staying at the club and having a go every week. But the reserves to most other teams is a 16 game season with four byes and I don't believe that's a good thing for the competition. I reckon Football Victoria is partly to blame - for some reason other clubs have TAC feeder clubs and ground co-tenants. Springvale and Frankston were left to fight over the Stingrays. But the move to Casey can't come quickly enough. Shepley Oval isn't their home. They need a new generation of supporters, they need to become appealing to young players, dare I say it they need pokies and they need to start performing. I'm not that old age wise, but I always thought of Springvale as a proud club. After all, they won four of five flags in the second half of the 90s. At the moment they barely cause a worry to other clubs, and that's not good for the competition.
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