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How sweet it is...
Approx 24 hours after the Zebras won the GF... And the euphoria has not lessened at all.... The press in Melbourne did its utmost to get Port across the line...they even the said the crowd was pro Port??? But across the line we got....very narrowly... I watched the game on Foxtel last night...and couldn't believe that Sandy kicked their last goal at the 6 minute mark of the 3rd quarter...I can't htink of many games where the winning team didn't score a goal in the last qurter After the 1977 GF when Port hammered us by 100 points. all I have wanted to see is Sandy beating Port in a Grand Final.. It may have taken 27 years but the wait has been so worthwhile.. There is nothing quite like beating Port Melbourne in a Grand Final Ran into Onslaught after the game and we had a chat... I am going to savour this win more than any other I think GO ZEBRAS...VFL PREMIERS 2004[b][/b]
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