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The Great Laurie Nash

Whilst enjoying a well-deserved end of season trip to Thailand with Mrs Wally, I've been reading a book which has sat on my shelf for a long time gathering dust, 'The Great Laurie Nash' by Ned Wallish. It gives a great insight into VFL/VFA & Tasmanian football in the 1930's & 40's & also cricket at all levels. It will also bring a tear to the eye of any old Camberwell supporters to read about how he was enticed away from South Melbourne in 1938 by a Dr Hartnett who appears to have been the equivalent of John Wren or Bill Dooley. He had plans to get Camberwell into the then VFL & also for the cricket club to get into the District competition, which eventually happened. It is also amazing to read about how strong the VFA was back in those days. 3000 people turned up on Nash's first night at training at Camberwell !!!!! I knew Nash was a good player because my dad saw him in the 1945 Bloodbath Grand Final & told me how good he was, but according to this book he was the best player EVER, or at least up until 1945 when he went coaching in country competitions. It is a truely great read & the best sports book i have read apart from Stephen Hawke's book on Polly Farmer, i thoroughly recommend it ......