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Fixture changes
Dictionary definition: fixture – something securely fixed in place. Since announcement of the 2008 VFL Senior match program, at least 25 changes have been made, often with no or little prior advice. Seven changes have been made to North Ballarat games. Changes (possibly not including all the chopped MCG matches) include: Round 2 (2 changes) North Ballarat v Bendigo – Sun to Sat. Geelong v Werribee – time change. Round 7 (6) Tasmania v Sandringham – time change. Geelong v Coburg – venue and 4 time changes. Round 8(1) North Ballarat v Geelong – venue change. Round 10 (4) Collingwood v Northern Bullants – Venue and time change, Sun to Sat. Coburg v Tasmania – time change with no prior notice. Round 11 (2) Bendigo v North Ballarat – Venue and time change (no publicity – Record still had it as night at QEO). Round 12 (1) Geelong v Tasmania – time change Round 14 (3) Collingwood v North Ballarat – Sat MCG CR to Sun at Carlton to Sat at Carlton (no publicity other than in Record “fixtures”). Round 15 (4) Collingwood v Bendigo – Venue change, time change, Sat to Sun to Sat (no publicity other than in Record “fixtures”). Round 17 (1) Tasmania v Frankston – time change. Round 20 (1) Tasmania v Box Hill – Sat to Sun. How can supporters arrange other functions around their football with all these changes being made? These would not be necessary if the season had been properly planned.
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