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First Qualifying Final - North Ballarat v Port Melbourne

First Qualifying Final - North Ballarat vs. Port Melbourne
Saturday 5th September
Eureka Stadium at 2:00 PM

North Ballarat
B Watt Moloney Greig
HB Sharkey Searl Goodes
C Garlett Feery Roach
HF Wundke A. Edwards McMahon
F Chester Jo. Smith Jones
R Stephenson Lower Sewell
Int White Dinnell Spolding
Clifton N. Peters Richardson
Cartledge McHugh

Port Melbourne

B Nixon Dalton S. Brewer
HB Pleming Baird McGrath
C Batsanis Dillon Hassett
HF Cain Bonaddio Raymond
F O'Farrell F. Deluca Smith
R Fanning Dwyer McMahon
Int Neville Wall Kennedy
Sengstock McLaren Suckling
Martin Schultz

Some interesting names in the Interchange/Squad for Port Melbourne. B Neville and Sengstock in the mix. Surely Martin won't come in after concerns about Port being overly tall.