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Saturday May 13

Sydney Swans v Williamstown - 10:35AM, Tramway Oval,NSW
Richmond v Geelong - 11:05AM Swinburne Centre
Southport 10.14.74 def by Gold Coast Suns 12.4.76 - 12:05PM, Fankhauser Reserve,QLD
North Melbourne 20.11.131 def Frankston 9.2.56 - 1:05PM, Arden Street Oval
Coburg Lions 12.8.80 def by Northern Bullants 12.15.87 - 2:05PM, Piranha Park

Sunday May 14

Collingwood v GWS Giants - 11:05AM, AIA Centre
Brisbane Lions v Essendon - 12:05PM, Brighton Homes Arena,QLD
Sandringham Zebras v Port Melbourne - 2:05PM, Trevor Barker Beach Oval
Footscray Bulldogs v Werribee Tigers - 2:05PM, Avalon Airport Oval

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I would say there'll be a big crowd at coburg, a looong time since the last bullants v coburg game. should be a night game though!!! and get the full ch7 broadcast!! bah

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In the QLD clash between Southport and Gold Coast, the Suns held on to win 12.4.76 to 10.14.74. to maintain their position at the top of the ladder. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Werribee will go very close this year. I can see them going deep into September. They have several skillful players and a dangerous forward line. Williamstown have set themselves well and should be finals bound this  year.  Two teams that are tipsters nightmare and very hard to work out are Geelong and sandringham. Their worst are terrible. I was surprised port Melbourne lost to the zebras today.

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I'll endeavour to have the ladders updated by tomorrow.

The season is really beginning to take shape now.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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I attended the Collingwood vs GWS Giants game at Olympic Park Oval.

giants came from30pts down 11 mins into last qtr to win by 2 points in high scoring thriller.

A bit like the Hangar I don’t believe VFL Games should be played at this ground, facilities not good enough, 

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It's good to have three stand alone teams in the top 10 and Port only 1/2 a game out. You can see the impact of the COVID shutdowns, which were disastrous for non-AFL clubs in Melbourne who lost all continuity, are starting to fade away.