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AFL Draft

Anyone else happy to see Collingwood give away 4 quality players for virtually nothing, and have their supporters turn on them in the process? Made my year ha ha


I'm appalled Bearsman,my mob get their best player for virtually nothing and the scum are paying half his salary,Merry Christmas!!!!!

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It keeps getting better. Buckley has emerged with plenty of mud on his boots, looks like hes told a few porkies, the shelas volleyball association has given them a serve for sexist conduct for using Treloars partner as an excuse, and Eddie McMouth is nowhere to be seen lol


Eddie would talk a glass eye to sleep.

For an authority on everything in football he has not been sighted.

Would love to see a challenge to his board next year just to let him know that he doesn't run the whole show.

2020 will now be know as the year Collingwood self imploded & I'm loving every bit of it !

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


It's called believing your own BS!

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Had to have a laugh. Grafton Races today there is a horse in race 3 called Collingwood. Of course it come no where and with a name like that sure to be a donkey LOL. Eddie Mceverywhere is funnily enough very quiet. Eddie and Figjam what a quinella. Hope Figjam Buckley will never ever win a flag at AFL level. Next year could be a great one with Collingwood heading closer to last than first at both AFL and VFL level.

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I'll admit, I'm happy to have Treloar at the Doggies.  If the long distance relationship stuff doesnt mess with his head then Footscray have a pretty formidable midfield.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.


Trust you to pick that one up Georgie !

The first thing Collingwood has to do is to stop their players reading the Herald - Sun & barring them from drinking their own bath water!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Seems Collingwood are now reneging on their agreement to pay part of Treloars salary. Reports are that they were prepared to pay 300k of his salary per year, but now only want to pay 100k lol

Surprised The Dogs would finalise the trade without having that part of the agreement in writing.