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sandringham football club


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I heard billy will be taking the reins and getting rid of the devil in red white and black. Lol

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It's been brewing for a few months. I hope it's gathering steam

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I hope so The members should have the final say on the St Kilda deal.

Wally from Will...
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any player exits from the Zebras?

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Dennis-Lane and Simpkin so far,i would think a few more to come.

Robbo the big in!

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I am hearing there will be some breaking news out of Sandringham very soon

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Welcome to the Zebra camp taking over from Burty??

Interesting one of the names I heard mentioned in the supposed Board Challenge. An ex player and coach at Sandy

We'llhave to see if it actually eventuates. 

Fun times ahead at TBBO

From what I can gather, the mass exodus of players hasn't happened...guess a lot will depend on who is appointed coach. The name I've heard mentioned is an ex AFL player with assistant coach experience at a couple of clubs.

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

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Yes I am zebraman 

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Always exciting to hear of a possible standalone Sandringham.

Good for the club AND the competition.  Will be watching this thread closely for any updates.

Have any names been confirmed at this stage?


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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St kilda the least succesful team any where ? From 1897 to 2016 won one flag by a point. Include their vfa years and strike rate the worst in history of any aussie rules club ever. We will see what comes out of the latest whispers regarding Sandringham if indeed anything. Would love to see the zebras be standalone if it can eventuate. Reckon if Sandringham and st kilda went seperate ways st kilda would feel the pinch. Not sure how their finances are but i would not expect them to be too flash. Zebras would survive but would have to work their butts off. Coburg have done ok. Hopefully the burgers can make the eight in 2017. That would be a win in itself.
Who needs pokies. They have destroyed the dolphins. I heard Mr packer and his high rollers feeling the pinch overseas ? Have never put one cent in a poker machine ever. Can't stand them. Would rather have a few bucks on a horse at least it is my choice and bet on how i like unlike a machine. To Sandringham you have secured a good recruit in robbo. Hopefully robbo the dolphins can get back into the vfl for the 2018 season. Fingers crossed. Ian dicker might be the best person to have around at the minute down frankston way.