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Collingwood fans suggestions for home games.
I'm a regular on an unofficial Collingwood message board, and some of the suggestions for where Collingwood should play home games are laughable. To say they are not happy at the possibility of calling Princes Park home is an understatement, and are calling for a return to Vic Park. Here's what someone has posted: [quote]Average 'good' gate at a VFL game: 3000 x $10 = $30,000 Actually 2000 would be free or concession due to AFL membership or being under 15. leaving just 1000 paying spectators, ie. $10,000 at the gate. It would take 5 games (10 weeks) to cover the salary of a first year rookie. Play at Victoria Park - FREE ENTRY, you will get 5x the crowd that way and a great atmosphere as well and there will ne no need for fencing the ground. Money is made at the bar and food stalls. 10,000 $3 Pies = $30,000 + 10,000 bottles of $2 Coke = $20,000. Victoria Park now has covered seating for over 10,000 spectators and covered standing terracing for a further 15,000.[/quote] Other home ground suggestions: Caroline Springs Cramer St (as a share arrangement with Northern Bullants) MCG (yeah, right!) Some are even thinking that Collingwood will now consist of two CLUBS, not two teams. In all honesty, some of them are totally clueless.
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