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Coburg v Frankston

Hi people....first time poster here, long time Frankston supporter though....

Went out to Coburg yesterday with a fair bit of enthusiasm....been hearing big talk around town about how well we were gonna come up this season. Well, the performance yesterday suggests it's nothing but talk! 15 points was an incredibly flattering margin for the dolphs. Only once did they look threatening (briefly in the third quarter got to within a kick). Coburg were hard at the pill and very organised so good luck to them, they deserved their win.

But....I have no idea what's gone wrong at Frankston over the summer. The efforts in last season's finals were or lose it made great viewing to see the boys' desperation.....absolutely none of it yesterday! Second to the ball, hanging at the back of packs waiting for the easy kick, bitching at each other over who was accountable for the numerous loose Coburg forwards. At one point in the last quarter I watched one Coburg bloke stand 20 metres on his own for about 10 seconds with not one Frankston defender even turn to look at him.....until finally one of his own blokes passed to him for a gimme goal. It typified the performance sadly.

It's only rumor to me at this stage, but I hear from a couple of reasonable sources that there's been disharmony in the camp since Shannon Grant took over. There were some notable absentees yesterday who don't feature in the list of players who have left over summer.....rumor has it that a couple have walked after sprays directed at them over a practice match.....

Whatever has gone wrong in the camp, I hope it's rectified soon and the boys go back to playing the entertaining and desperate footy that made us proud last season.

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