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Heard talk on Sunday that the Casey Board presented to key stakeholders at an appreciation dinner last week (sponsors, members, players) about the future of the club/league etc.

Word is Casey has been given the green light to build a pub/social club facility on the main entrance to casey fields as well as acquiring pokies through the auction earlier in the year. This is apparently hoped to be completed by end of season 2011 which will bring in significant revenue.

Also the club has been holding meetings with the coucil and $125,000 will be spent on fixing the oval and a plan will be put in place to ensure the surface doesn't receive what it did this year.

Also added to this was interesting information re. the AFLs takeover plot earlier in the year (or was it last year) apparently demetriou has accepted the VFL needs to have its own identity and the AFL will NOT be trying to gain control of the league again. end of story. Also the state of the VFL record and the stuff up admitted to by the league which will be solved next year.

And the last point which I found pretty interesting was that the 'Northern Seaboard/States Comp' or whatever they will call it will go ahead next year so GWS will NOT be in the VFL. Thins potentially brings back the bye etc. And on top of the is that clubs, including AFL clubs have been asked how they want to exist within the league and the wird is AFL clubs will have the freedom again to choose to stand alone, but once the window of opporunity is shut, then it's shut for good and teams will be locked in to stop the chopping/changing of alignment etc.