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Bullants- Carlton Alignment
Officials from both clubs are due to meet this week to start discussions re the alignment. It seems that people within the football department at Carlton are keen to go it alone in 2007; however it is worth remembering that this was the position of some at Carlton in September 2003. Alot has happened since 2003 and from midway through 2004 the alignment has blossomed. The recruitment of Garry O'Sullivan as football manager has been a major coup for the Bullants and has conincided with the club making the top four in 2005 and 2006. Despite an average start to his coaching career, Barry Mitchell has also been very influential in changing the culture of the club. In brief the alignment has gone from being the worst in the VFL to one of the best in under three years. I'm not sure it's of benefit to the VFL or Carlton to go stand-alone. Having AFL clubs as stand-alone outfits demeans the competition and I think lessens the standard. For mine there has never been a better second tier competition than the VFL at present. Playing games at big venues like Princes or Victoria Park isn't of any benefit to the VFL, just look at stand-alone games at Geelong, no atmosphere, terrible when shown on the ABC. In saying this the standing alone of AFL and VFL clubs may be the only option. The Bullants have been strong on the issue of who coaches the club and this has obviously upset some at Carlton. But what is a club who can't even select its coach?
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