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AFL Vic Awards

These are available at:[tt_news]=1548&tx_ttne...

The Ballarat Courier also had an item about its award.
Regarding The Courier: Out of area country football games results are very erratic. They sometimes appear, sometimes don’t. Some leagues fully in, some only partially in. eg Picola League. It is very rare for Saturday night or Sunday matches to be listed in Monday’s Courier.
Coverage of Ballarat and Central Highlands Leagues is generally pretty good. With results, it provides player’s initials in all grades, and will distinguish between John and Joshua Smith in the same team.
This contrasts greatly with The Courier’s North Ballarat VFL and Rebels coverage, where the paper goes “out of its way” to actually remove all player’s initials, leaving stupidities such as:
Goals Brown 6 Smith 4 Jones 3 Brown 2 Collins
Best Brown Jones Grunt Glook Green Jones
Go figure!