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ABC Analogue horror

ABC Analogue Horror
Yesterday morning I taped the ABC match of the day which I do weekly to watch the replay. I started to watch it (Preston v Williamstown) and to my disgust there seems to be a crossover from the footy to the 24 hours news channel. I am into 17 minutes of the suppoed abc game and all I have got taped is the 24 hours news channel.
Has anyone taped yesterday's game and got the 24 hour news channel instead ?

If you have digital you will not have this problem.

I will contact the ABC and ask for a copy of this game as I pre set to tape it and not the stupid 24 hours news channel. I will also ask for an answer as this is simply not good enough.

I will have to change to digital sooner rather than later I would suspect.

As we speak now I am twenty five minutes into the pre recording and it still has the 24 hours news channel talking about some American crap that I have no interest in.