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2020 VFL Season - to go or not

I am thinking of giving the VFL a miss in 2020.  I feel that my passion is gone, as very year the comp loses more and more of its soul and is essentially the AFL reserves in disguise.  The loss of the reserves competition in 2017 is probably the straw that broke the camel's back.  How are the stand alone sides meant to develop players without reserves?  The gap between local footy and the VFL is Now for 2020 the lists and salary cap has been cut again.  It is ridiculous when one player on an AFL reserves team is getting paid more than the whole VFL list.

During the last week I received an email from Port Melbourne advertising the purchase of a share in a race horse.  I find Horse racing and Greyhound abhorrent and want no part.  So I called the club to voice my concerns and got fobbed off, they didn’t even offer to stop sending me spam emails.  So I am thinking of voting with my feet and not renewing my membership for 2020.  The only thing stopping me from pulling the plug is the great people I am met over the years attending VFL games.