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2010 Round 8 Preview

Here is the Preview for Round 8

Northern Bullants(3-4 8th) vs Gold Coast(1-5-1 10th) at Visy Park 1pm
(Reserves Curtain Raiser Northern Bullants vs North Ballarat starts at 10am)
1st meeting between these 2 teams
The Bullants have been very much up and down this season while the Coasters have always been there abouts. This is a must win game for the Bullants and they should beat the Coasters narrowly.
1st Quarter: Nth Bull 3-3-1(5th) Gld Cst 3-4(8th)
2nd Quarter: Nth Bull 5-2(2th) Gld Cst 2-5(11th)
3rd Quarter: Nth Bull 4-3-1(6th) Gld Cst 2-5(10th)
4th Quarter: Nth Bull 4-3(6th) Gld Cst 2-4-1(7th)
My Tip: Northern Bullants by 17pts

Port Melbourne(5-2 6th) vs Werribee (1-5-1 11th) at TEAC Oval 1:10pm(ABC1 TV)
(Reserves Curtain Raiser starts at 10:10am)
Last time they met: Rd 13 2009 at Werribee. Port Melbourne 11-16(82) def Werribee 11-10(76)
Port are coming off a good win at Geelong while Werribee are coming off their first win of the season over the Dolphins at home. Port should win comfortably at home.
1st Quarter: Pt Melb 2-5(11th) Werribee 1-5-1(14th)
2nd Quarter: Pt Melb 3-4(9th) Werribee 4-3(8th)
3rd Quarter: Pt Melb 4-3(7th) Werribee 2-5(12th)
4th Quarter: Pt Melb 5-2(2nd) Gld Cst 2-4-1(6th)
My Tip: Port Melbourne by 38pts

Casey Scorpions(6-1 3rd) vs Box Hill Hawks(3-4 9th) at Casey Fields 2pm
(Reserves Curtain Raiser starts at 11am)
Last time thet met: Rd 20 2009 at Box Hill. Box Hill Hawks 13-12(90) def Casey Scorpions 14-5(89).
Box Hill need a win to stay in touch with the top 8 while the Scorpions just keep going on their merry way not reallt being noticed. Casey to win at home.
1st Quarter: Casey 4-2-1(4th) Box Hill 7-0(1st)
2nd Quarter: Casey 4-3(6th) Box Hill 2-5(12th)
3rd Quarter: Casey 5-2(5th) Box Hill 6-1(2th)
4th Quarter: Casey 4-2-1(5th) Box Hill 2-5(13th)
My Tip: Casey Scorpions by 11pts

Collingwood(5-2 4th) vs Sandringham(4-3 7th) at Victoria Park 2pm
(Reserves Curtain Raiser Sandringham vs Coburg Tigers starts at 11am)
Last time they met: Rd 13 2009 at Sandringham. Collingwood 14-9(93) def Sandringham 10-8(68).
Sandy were beaten at home by top of the table Roosters while Collingwood defeated the Gold Coast at Southport. This should be a great game between 2 evenly matched sides.
1st Quarter: Coll 4-1-2(3rd) Sand 4-3(5th)
2nd Quarter: Coll 4-3(4th) Sand 2-5(13th)
3rd Quarter: Coll 3-4(8th) Sand 5-2(5th)
4th Quarter: Coll 3-3-1(8th) Sand 4-3(7th)
My Tip: Sandringham by 4pts

North Ballarat(6-1 1st) vs Geelong(1-6 12th) at Eureka Stadium 2pm
Lst time they met: Rd 6 2009 at Geelong. North Ballarat 17-9(111) def Geelong 9-9(63).
The Roosters continue to roll along after defeating the Zebras away last week while the Cats fell to the Borough at home. Roosters to win this comfortably at home.
1st Quarter: Nth Ball 5-2(2nd) Geelong 3-4(9th)
2nd Quarter: Nth Ball 1-6(14th) Geelong 5-2(3rd)
3rd Quarter: Nth Ball 7-0(1st) Geelong 2-5(11th)
4th Quarter: Nth Ball 5-2(3rd) Geelong 2-5(11th)
My Tip: North Ballarat by 32pts

Frankston(1-6 14th) vs Williamstown(6-1 2nd) at Frankston 2pm
(Reserves Curtain Raiser starts at 11am)
Last time they met: Round 5 2009 at Frankston. Williamstown 21-13(139) def Frankston 20-13(133).
These 2 sides played one of the best games ever int he VFL when they last met last season. How have things changed the Seagulls have gone from the strength to strength while the Dolphins continue to get games into their young squad in the hope of improvement as the season goes in. Seagulls comfortably.
1st Quarter: Fston 2-5(13th) Will 3-4(10th)
2nd Quarter: Fston 3-4(10th) Will 6-1(2nd)
3rd Quarter: Fston 2-5(13th) Will 2-5(9th)
4th Quarter: Fston 0-7(14th) Will 6-1(1ST)
My Tip: Williamstown by 64pts

Bendigo Bombers(5-2 5th) vs Coburg Tigers(1-6 13th) at Windy Hill 2pm
Last time they met: Round 17 2009 at Coburg. Coburg Tigers 21-6(132) def Bendigo Bombers 13-11(89).
Both teams had close losses last week. The Bombers went down to the Scorpions while Coburg lost to the Bullants. Bendigo at home should be too strong.
1st Quarter: Bendigo 3-3-1(7th) Coburg 2-5(12th)
2nd Quarter: Bendigo 4-3(5th) Coburg 4-3(7th)
3rd Quarter: Bendigo 5-2(4th) Coburg 0-6-1(14th)
4th Quarter: Bendigo 5-2(4th) Coburg 3-4(9th)
My Tip: Bendigo Bombers by 9pts

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