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Channel 7 VFL coverage - thoughts

Thoughts here.. I posted my concerns on the VFL Facebook page.

Hopefully I'm wrong!


I think it's easy to glorify the ABC commentary but it was often quite bad. Peter Donegan added a real edge of professionalism to it (which was carried on quite well after he left too), but the special comments rarely added great value and for many years the play-by-play wasn't particularly exciting either.

I'm willing to give the new team a chance before bagging them, though I would definitely like someone with a connection to the VFA years (other than Phil Cleary and his often negative comments about VFL-listed players).

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Jason Bennett should be ok. Not sure about Nigel Carmody and Campbell Brown. Thought they would have at least tried to get Darren Boyd across from the ABC. If they ever call it the reserves it will be a waste of space. You always need some sort of connection to the old VFA or at least good knowledge of the grass roots element on not refer to AFL listed players excessively.

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I haven't seen any TV promotion of the coverage. I thought a couple of ads might have made it in to the screen over the past few weeks. With less than seven days to the start of the season proper I'd like to see HSV 7 get at least one ad to air pumping up the coverage.

I'm glad you mentioned Darren Boyd VFA because I believe he has improved and thought he may have been some chance of coming across as he is probably one of the younger generation that has a passion for the comp.



Yep, Darren Boyd would have been a good choice with Peter Donegan unavailable.

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Northport is correct - only a few days away and no advertising of the season on C7. They aren't thining of just starting coverage without any adevertising and expecting viewers just to tune in are they ?

ABC was o.k. - I would find it amussing how they would go off topic and talk about things not relevant to the game - i.e. the cakes that the Port ladies would give the team or the burraburgers. Other than cricket it must be the only televised sporting competition that you would hear so many comments not relevant to the game.

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Not to mention Rosco's obligatory mention of the ammos!

It was definitely OK, it had it's own niche that was very different from AFL coverage, but I just think we should be careful not to glorify the past when comparing with Ch7's efforts.

What I did love about the ABC's coverage were the production values, they really went out of their way to showcase the competition with their 1/2 time features etc. That will be missed.

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Overall the ABC did well over a long period from 1987 to 2014.
They had their own style but pass mark overall.
Still rate Channel 0 the best for the period of 1967 to 1986.
The early to mid 70s to the early to mid 80s was the peak.
This will be the first time Ch7 has televised the VFL/VFA since 1967 GF although C7 sport (optus) did the night games from Waverley in 2000 as well as the curtain raiser games in 2001

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Did C7 on Optus actually have any link to Channel 7?

I didn't know Channel 7 did the 1967 VFA Grand Final.

As mentioned by Paul, the ABC half time features were terrific in 2014 and a really good addition to the coverage.

I wonder what the pre-dates, post-match and half time segments will be like.


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C7 sport (optus vision) did have some connection to Channel seven.
In 1967 both ATV0 and HSV7 televised the Grand Final from Punt Road between Port and Dandenong.
Still no promotion or advertising for the coming VFL season by the seven network which is pretty poor. Will the pre AFL show on the Saturday night mention the VFL even though it is on the same network ? Probably not. Only mention if it concerns certain AFL players returning from injury ?


And thats what made the ABC telecasts interesting NOT being just another clone of the AFL We shouldnt forget that clubs like Port,Williamstown,Coburg,Sandringham,Box Hill,Casey/Springvale,Werribee and Frankston all had very long history of being part of our first ever competition in Victoria the VFA and still form the basis of this current ill named VFL.

I hope CH dont end up just seeing the VFL as a reserves lead in to the AFL match but I think they wont be able to help themselves.