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Reported by Adam Bourke
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THE future of the Bendigo Gold Football Club looks brighter just one day into its survival campaign.

The Gold announced on Monday that the club needed 500 new members, a marked lift in sponsorship and access to a facility capable of running as a commercial venture to ensure its survival.

In developments yesterday:

n the City Of Greater Bendigo confirmed its support for Gold, with the Epsom-Huntly Recreation Reserve social rooms a possible facility for the club;

- a Bendigo Advertiser poll attracted 448 votes, 63.7 per cent in favour of Gold;

- Gold coach Aussie Jones reaffirmed his commitment to the club; and

- Gold skipper Steven Stroobants detailed how important the Gold pathway was for young footballers.

Bendigo Gold chairman Tim Dickson was elated with the response yesterday, but warned the club’s battle was a marathon, not a sprint.

“We’ve had a wonderful reaction today from businesses who are interested in sponsorship and people who want to sign up as members,’’ Dickson said.

“We’re very grateful for their response, but at the same time we’ve got a long, long way to go.

“We won’t be getting ahead of ourselves.”

Arguably the most significant news for the Gold was the prospect of using the social facilities at Epsom-Huntly Recreation Reserve.

The City of Greater Bendigo and Gold have been in talks regarding the community facility, which is also the home of the Epsom Soccer Club, Bendigo Pioneers Football Club and Bendigo Rugby Club.

“We’ll continue to have those conversations with the Gold about if that was to happen and how could it happen,’’ council chief executive Craig Niemann said yesterday.

“As soon as we say that, there will be other clubs that exist out there that will ask ‘what about us?’

“It’s about how do we put in place a joint user arrangement where clubs can go and use the facility and get the best out of it.

“We need to maximise the use of a facility and that we share the use of a facility.

“I think we can work towards achieving that, but it’s going to take some give and take from all parties involved.

“These things can work, it’s just a matter of time and effort and sitting down to work out how it can happen. I think that’s a real opportunity that we need to pursue further with the Gold.”

Dickson said the Gold was keen to work with the other sports groups that used the Epsom facility.

“By no means would we want to take over the facility,’’ Dickson said.

“We’re keen to have a management plan that suits all clubs.”


Good news for the gold, but its difficult ro see how they wouldnt be taking over the facility with their kind of needs for training 3 or 4 nights a week. Unless those facilities are upgraded to accommodate the extra numbers.

Id love to see more Bendigo night games, so they arent clashing with the BFL. If the community does get behind them thry could improve both on snd off hoping so anyway.