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1963 Moorabbin Premiers

Next Friday 8/5/10 at 7pm on the LOCAL FOOTY SHOW shown on C31, the feature story is highlighting the 1963 VFA Grand Final.

Rare Footage from the last quarter including interviews with participants Lindsay Fox, Max Papley (Moorabbin)and Keith Burns (Sandringham)

It was to be the last game in the VFA for Moorabbin before they were voted out of the competition by the other clubs.Max Papley explains why.


Keith Burns was the CC of Sandy.The reason Morrabbin were kicked out of the VFA was because they and St Kilda agreed to with the Moorabbin Council at the time to give their Linton St ground to St Kilda. Moorabbin were supposed to combine the St kilda but the St Kilda members passed a resolution that the name and coluors of St Kilda were NEVER to be altered so that stuffed Moorabbin.

The VFA rightly saw this as an act of treachery so kicked Morrabbin out of the comp.The better moorabbin players went to other VFA clubs and the rest went to Brighton Caulfield who made the div 2 finals that season.Max Papley went to South Melbourne and later coached Willy

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And Max still lives in Garfield enjoying greener pastures.

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The 1963 coach of Moorabin is ocassionally seen around the Black Rock Bowling Club