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Hello Hello
Well ive been reading these boards for a while now, sined up last november(or something like that) and have no decided to start posting since its getting closer to the games starting. Im 25 work in child care, love my western bulldogs(would do almost anything for them) and have been following werribee for a few years now, couple of years before the doggies joined up with them). Anyway ill keep it short and sweet :lol: and look forward to being apart of this site. Go the doggies and go the bees.
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Welcome aboard Doggies40. I'll say g'day next time I'm at Whitten Oval (Fridays intra-club).


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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G'day, mentioned it before, but i work in before and after school care a few days a week. I'm 25 too! Also an integration aide, guitar teacher and run a recording studio . . . good to see you supporting your local VFL team, bit of luck for you that Footscay joined with Werribee, not the fancied Williamstown a few years back! My sister and hubby live in Footscray and are gonna start going to Werribee games after i took them to a VFL final last year . . . they really liked the atmosphere. Anyway, good to have you on board! The more youngies into VFL the better!
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Yeah i like the vfl cause i get to stand up and watch it, i dont really stand around a lot of other people, a few people here and there at werribee, and not usually around other people at the other grounds. But yeah i like vfl. Cant believe it took me so long to post here. lol, oh well.
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Good to see you here, Doggies40. About time you put in some quality posts here other your performances on the other forum. :D