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Long time reader - first time poster.
As my heading says....this is my opening post - i am a reg with over 600 posts on big footy,but i thought a change of name and a move to VFL footy for some VFL chat was in order....ive been reading this site for months now and i hope i can contribute,to a ripper site - ive always followed the Kangaroos,and had a soft spot for both Willi and Port in the VFA-VFL since i was a kid,but since the allignment - a few years ago - i adopted Port Melbourne (hope i havnt offended anyone!) full on,i go to both games and was disapointed with last years GF loss,but i hope we can give it a crack again this year. *edit - Moved to Introductions board.
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Welcome aboard PortRoo, you made the right choice sticking with the Borough. We should give it another crack this year as you say... unfortunately I think we are at a similar skill level to last year despite the loss of J Clayton, but I think other clubs have stepped up a level again this year, so competition for a spot in the 8 will be tough. Hopefully we can right the ship, starting with a win against the Zebs, who have had a bit of a mental thing over us the past few encounters.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Well,the introduction of Hazell and Robbins who becomes a Port Listed player as well as the continued progress of younger players that look to have bright futures at the club like R.McMahon,Pinwill,hooker,Milhuisen and Cotchett (played every game last season and a quiet acheiver) somewhat helps to the loss of Clayton. We got thrashed in the ruck last week vs Street & Minson - With McIintosh being the sole ruckman,why didnt Ryan play as support? Im very perplexed on the 12/10 rule for port as well - it may bite us?
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[quote="portroo"]Im very perplexed on the 12/10 rule for port as well - it may bite us?[/quote] In my very humble opinion, applying somehting like the 12/10 rule is vital if you want to be a football CLUB. Its a brave(ish) decision by Port that shows that they are worried about losing the traditional supporters, and they should be commended. If you don't do this, you are simply making up the numbers for an AFL reserves side with no individual credibility or control. You then cease to be a CLUB, and simply a list of top-ups.
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yes i tend to agree with you Dolphin
Hi everyone, as the heading says, I've been a long-time reader and contributor on the main page, but thought I should leave it to you guys to do all the talking. But I just felt you guys discuss so much great stuff, it's time I joined in. My name is Anthony Brady and as my login name suggests, I work for Casey Radio 97.7FM 3SER. I hate to be a fence-sitter, but I have 2 teams in the VFL. First off is Coburg, my old VFA team, and second is the Bendigo Bombers, because they are aligned to my AFL team, Essendon. Please don't hold any of that against me. I am here to promote this great competition through any means I can, and I look forward to conversing with all of you and getting feedback on both how Casey Radio's coverage is going, and ways we could improve it and ensure that each and every one of you listens in, when possible. I understand that, due to transmission restrictions many of you cannot get us, and for that I can only apologise. I urge any of you at home during one of our broadcasts, or near a computer somewhere else, to tune in via our website on To "ons", keep up the great work with this website, you do a terrific job and provide an invaluable resource for all those diehard VFA/VFL fans out there. Everyone have a great week, and I hope your team wins this weekend, Anthony Brady.
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I'm a long time reader as well grew up supporting Preston in the VFA, knew friends of big Spider Shaw and a guy from the local DVFL team i followed played a couple of seasons there mad pies fan, and was disappointed when they couldn't work out a partnership with Preston Followed both Williamstown and Preston once the 'new' VFL took shape, but since Preston joined up with Carlton that was the last straw for me and now follow Williamstown getting along to games whenever i can
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Welcome to the Boards.
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Good to see you here.
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Hi vlffan I can relate to your story, as I followed a similar path. Was there to see Preston win a few flags in the early 80's but dropped off when they ditched the traditional strip & doubly so when they aligned with Carlton. Enjoy supporting Williamstown to the extent that I'd stick with them if and when the Pies move on.
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Hi vflfan you say you knew friends of spider shaw.Did you know Brett Cooper agood player for the ants.