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AFL Dream Draft - InterForum Competition
Hello onslaught, Craig (willsko87) here from your affiliate AFL Online. A group of members on AFL Online have thought of starting an inter-forum competition over the off-season to keep the forums active over the summer. This will then progress into 2007 with a Fantasy Footy competition. On behalf of the Admin group at AFL Online I would like to officially invite you to our AFL Dream Draft competition and we would definately like you to consider our proposal. At this stage you are probably wondering what is involved in the competition. First of all we decided that we will have a league comprising of 10 teams. We thought that anymore will be to hard to manage especially across a few forums. Each team will consist of 5 members and each can be assigned a certain role within the team. We are trying to run this competition across a couple of forums so we will hopefully only have 1 to 2 teams per forum. With a bit of background on the layout I can now get into the workings of the competition: [list]Firstly all teams will participate in a huge draft of all of the players in the AFL. We will set a Salary Cap for and your draft picks will have to come in under the salary cap. We are yet to confirm how many players each team will pick.[/list:6e19221cc3][list]Once each team has a list of players we will have a Trade period where each team can trade players with other[/list:u:6e19221cc3][list]Once we have these teams we will have a Fantasy Footy competition. This will be run on[/list:u:6e19221cc3]That is basically the way we want run the competition, but we are still in the stage of confirming this. We are hoping the competition can be centralized on AFL Online but each team can discuss between themselves on their respective forums. Currently we have 9 members on AFL Online committed to participating in this competition. We are hoping to get a 10 member so we can submit two teams. If you would like to participate in the competition we would require you to create 1 or 2 teams of 5 members. Hopefully the 10 members can consist of those who are regular trusted members on your forum and will be committed to the competition. We understand that this is a big task to run a competition of this size and over a few forums, but the AFL Online Admin are committed to running the competition and in co-operation with Administrators from other forum, run it successfully. At this stage please feel free to ask any questions or suggest any ideas before you decide whether or you would like to accept/decline our invitation. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, willsko87 AFL Online Admin