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VFL Round 16


Gold Coast vs Southport at Gold Coast Training Oval 10:30am

Sandringham vs Carlton at Trevor Barker Oval 12noon

Collingwood vs Box Hill Hawks at Holden Centre 12:05pm Kayo , 3WBC

North Melbourne vs Port Melbourne at Arden Street 12noon

Aspley vs Essendon at Graham Road 12:30pm

Casey Demons vs Footscray at Casey Fields 1:05pm Kayo

Brisbane vs Sydney at South Pine 1:30pm

Northern Bullants vs Werribee at Preston 2pm


Coburg vs Williamstown at Piranha Park 2pm Casey Radio

Frankston vs Richmond at SkyBus Stadium 2:05pm Kayo, RPPFM

Byes - Geelong, GWS Giants

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No fences at Arden Street. It's extremely tempting to go stand on the hill for a bit of fresh air!

Hoteliers clubs without Kayo will manage to put together some form of coverage for fans. Port Melbourne media did a brilliant job for the away game against Frankston prior to the lockdown. 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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For me it will be Richmond central v hawthorn amateurs this week and Richmond central away to parkside the following week.


VFA , Was that your mob making the news re training during Covid restrictions this week ??

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Didn't see the news but I believe kew fc decided to just drop in to Richmond central home ground and decided to train and were rightly so given their marching orders. 

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What a disappointment from Frankston today. Too many broken tackles, way too many handling errors. Opportunity was knocking for a finals chance, but it won't happen now. 


Richmond were too good today, probably rules Frankston out of finals contention.

Frankston now have back to back byes before game in final round.


it was good to be back timekeeping today

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Frankston stuck at it all day without ever looking like winners. They looked rusty, like they needed the hit out, and combined with  very good pressure from Richmond they just couldnt get into a gallop. The stats for their disposal efficiency would be abysmal. Two byes in a row coming up is not ideal and provided lockdown no #6 doesnt happen before the last round, Frankston Vs Werribee should be a top notch contest.

Where does the AFL get these VFL umpires from? Some absolutely shocking decisions again. Seems the standard of football has increased a lot over the years, but the umpiring standard keeps going backwards. 

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With only 3 rounds left the season has gone quickly. We are not far away from finals. Williamstown and possibly werribee will be in final eight at seasons end. With the remaining games who and where each team is paying is a guessing game.  It will be luck of the draw in race to the eight for the teams vying for a spot. 



Great to see ypu back doing the job that you love.

I wouldn't be too disappointed if I were you. Frankston have had a great season considering where they have come from & I'm sure that only better things are on the horizon.



We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Dolphins have had a great year. Had some great wins and managed to hold it together all year. Bring on 2022...

The best part of the year would have to be that we kicked Port's arse lol