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Footy is back on!

Hopefully we hear some details of fixturing. No crowds for two weeks so we will be relying on streaming and TV coverage. 

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No crowds for all local footy too? Looks like I'll be watching my old team Richmond central for next two weeks.  


Lets hope we can keep infectious idiots from NSW out!

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Reckon the AFL GF will be held in Perth this year. 

NRL GF will be at Suncorp Stadium Brisbane for sure.

If Southport qualify for the VFL GF don't be surprised if the VFL GF is in Brisbane. Do not be surprised !!!

Wally from Will...
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Depending on the numbers for hospitality, clubs could hold luncheons or dinners on game days such as Willi did when we played Richmond and Frankston did something similar. At least that way some people can get to see the game live. 

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Frankston v Richmond on Sunday has a Presidents Lunch with a limit of 100 people.


Frankston members $30 + $40 admission

Richmond members $35 + $40 admission


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Sandy have similar