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VFL Round 7


Frankston vs Richmond at SkyBus Stadium 7:10pm  Fox Footy/Kayo, RPPFM


Brisbane vs GWS Giants at Moreton Bay Central Sports Complex 10:05am  Kayo

North Melbourne vs Coburg at Arden Street 12noon Casey Radio

Werribee vs Sandringham at Avalon Airport Oval 1pm

Gold Coast vs Aspley at Metricon Stadium 1:30pm

Southport vs Northern Bullants at Fankhauser Reserve 1:30pm

Box Hill Hawks vs Port Melbourne at Box Hill 2:05pm  7plus, 3WBC

Collingwood vs Geelong at MCG 4:55pm Kayo


Sydney vs Carlton at SCG 11:30am  Kayo

Footscray vs Casey Demons at Whitten Oval 12:05pm  Channel 7, Casey Radio

Williamstown vs Essendon at Downer Oval 2pm


Frankston (3-3 9th) vs Richmond (3-2 8th)

1st Qtr: Frankston 2-4(15th), Richmond 3-2(7th)

2nd Qtr: Frankston 3-3(12th), Richmond 3-2(8th)

3rd Qtr: Frankston 3-3(11th), Richmond 3-2(6th)

4th Qtr: Frankston 3-3(12th), Richmond 1-4(16th)

Brisbane (2-3 13th) vs GWS Giants (2-3 17th)

1st Qtr: Brisbane 3-2(11th), GWS Giants 2-3(14th)

2nd Qtr: Brisbane 3-2(9th), GWS Giants 4-1(5th) 

3rd Qtr: Brisbane 2-3(14th), GWS Giants 3-2(9th)

4th Qtr: Brisbane 3-2(11th), GWS Giants 1-4(21st) 

North Melbourne (1-5 21st) vs Coburg (2-3 14th)

1st Qtr: Nth Melb 0-6(22nd), Coburg 2-3(15th)

2nd Qtr: Nth Melb 1-5(20th), Coburg 2-3(16th)

3rd Qtr: Nth Melb 1-5(21st), Coburg 2-3(16th)

4th Qtr: Nth Melb 2-4(17th), Coburg 3-2(7th)

Werribee (3-2 7th) vs Sandringham (2-3 15th)

1st Qtr: Werribee 3-2(6th), Sandringham 3-2(10th)

2nd Qtr: Werribee 4-1(4th), Sandringham 3-2(6th)

3rd Qtr: Werribee 3-2(5th), Sandringham 0-5(22nd)

4th Qtr: Werribee 4-1(2nd), Sandringham 2-3(15th)

Gold Coast (1-4 20th) vs Aspley (1-4 18th)

1st Qtr: Gold Coast 1-4(20th), Aspley 2-3(14th)

2nd Qtr: Gold Coast 1-4(19th), Aspley 2-3(17th)

3rd Qtr: Gold Coast 2-3(17th), Aspley 2-2-1(12th)

4th Qtr: Gold Coast 1-4(19th), Aspley 2-3(16th)

Southport (5-1 3rd) vs Northern Bullants (0-5 22nd)

1st Qtr: Southport 4-2 (5th), Nth Bullants 0-4-1(21st)

2nd Qtr: Southport 5-1 (2nd), Nth Bullants 0-5(21st)

3rd Qtr: Southport 3-2-1 (10th), Nth Bullants 2-3(15th)

4th Qtr: Southport 4-2 (6th), Nth Bullants 0-5(22nd)

Box Hill Hawks (4-2 6th) vs Port Melbourne (1-4 19th)

1st Qtr: Box Hill 3-2-1(12th), Port Melb 1-4(19th)

2nd Qtr: Box Hill 3-3(13th), Port Melb 3-2(11th)

3rdQtr: Box Hill 5-1(2nd), Port Melb 1-4(18th)

4th Qtr: Box Hill 5-1(1st), Port Melb 2-3(14th)

Collingwood (3-2 10th) vs Geelong (4-1 4th)

1st Qtr: Collingwood 3-2(8th), Geelong 4-1(3rd)

2nd Qtr: Collingwood 2-3(15th), Geelong 5-0(1st)

3rd Qtr: Collingwood 2-3(13th), Geelong 1-4(19th)

4th Qtr: Collingwood 1-4(20th), Geelong 3-2(8th)

Sydney (2-3 12th) vs Carlton (2-3 11th)

1st Qtr: Sydney 1-4(18th), Carlton 2-3(13th)

2nd Qtr: Sydney 3-2(10th), Carlton 1-4(18th)

3rd Qtr: Sydney 1-4(20th), Carlton 3-2(8th)

4th Qtr: Sydney 3-2(9th), Carlton 3-2(10th)

Footscray(5-0 2nd) vs Casey Demons(5-0 1st)

1st Qtr: Footscray 5-0(2nd), Casey 5-0(1st)

2nd Qtr: Footscray 4-1(3rd), Casey 3-2(7th)

3rd Qtr: Footscray 4-1(3rd), Casey 5-0(1st)

4th Qtr: Footscray 4-1(4th), Casey 4-1(5th)

Williamstown (4-1 5th) vs Essendon (2-3 16th)

1st Qtr: Williamstown 4-1(4th), Essendon 3-2(9th)

2nd Qtr: Williamstown 2-3(14th), Essendon 0-5(22nd)

3rd Qtr: Williamstown 4-1(4th), Essendon 3-2(7th)

4th Qtr: Williamstown 4-1(3rd), Essendon 2-3(13th)


Lets hope the Frankston v Richmond TV match on Thursday night is not a one sided affair.

Frankston station

Let's hope crowds are aloud to go, unless someone sniffles again and government closes everything crowd related down 

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I'll be there again on Thursday night rain, hail or shine.

Frankston station

If government won't let crowds in I will watch from outside ground with a slab vb


Latest advice from Frankston Football club in the last hour


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Think I might join you.

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No mask for me. Will watch game from the hill and enjoy a few nice cold cans. Great to see the latest news will not impact the game. Hopefully a good crowd will be in attendance and we get to see dolphins perform far better than last week. Looking forward to see the extra lights added to the already impressive looking Frankston oval under lights.

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Let's hope there are no more cases before Thursday. I'd hate to see us go into another lockdown. Will the Dolphins be at full strength?


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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That's the big question eh NorthPort.....if at full strength we'll give the Tigers a run for their money. If Freeman, Lambert etc are still sidelined it won't be a contest. Either way, I'll be on the hill too, cheering the boys on.