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VFL Rounds 5 & 6 Fixture


Thursday May 13      
Gold Coast Suns vs. Brisbane Lions, Metricon Stadium, 7.10pm, Fox Footy and Kayo

Saturday May 15      
Aspley vs. Southport, Graham Rd, 12.05pm  
Casey Demons vs. Geelong, Casey Fields, 2.00pm  
Port Melbourne vs. Coburg, ETU Stadium, 2.00pm  
Sandringham vs. Williamstown, WSTBBO, 2.30pm  
Richmond vs. GWS Giants, Swinburne Centre, 2.35pm  
Sydney Swans vs. Collingwood, SCG, 4.45pm, Kayo Freebies

Sunday May 16      

Box Hill Hawks vs. North Melbourne, Box Hill City Oval, 12.05pm, Seven and 7Plus
Essendon vs. Frankston, Windy Hill, 2.05pm, Kayo Freebies

Byes: Carlton, Footscray, Northern Bullants, Werribee   


Thursday May 20      
Geelong vs. Coburg, GMHBA Stadium, 7.10pm, Fox Footy and Kayo

Friday May 21      
Southport vs. Gold Coast Suns, Fankhauser Reserve, 7.00pm  
Frankston vs. Footscray, SkyBus Stadium, 7.30pm  

Saturday May 22      
Brisbane Lions, vs. Richmond, Gabba, 11.05am, Kayo Freebies
Aspley vs. Sandringham, Graham Rd, 1.30pm  
GWS Giants vs. Port Melbourne, BISP, 2.05pm, Kayo Freebies
Essendon vs. North Melbourne, Windy Hill, 2.05pm  

Sunday May 23      
Carlton vs. Box Hill Hawks, IKON Park, 12.05pm, Seven and 7Plus
Northern Bullants vs. Werribee, Preston City Oval, 2.05pm, Kayo Freebies

Byes: Casey Demons, Collingwood, Sydney Swans, Williamstown      


This is the prevalling sentment about the SFC on the St Kilda board.I doubt the Sandringham board would read these disparaging comments!

'We have complete control of sandy. Why does it matter that what we are called. We use this excuse all the time because we have terrible depth."
Another comment "I think we have turned it into the St Kida development list honestly. The name is the only link to old Sandy. It's more like the Boxhill Hawks than a true VFL club. Honestly I'd spend the money we'd spend on rebranding Sandy on a top flight recruiter.'

St Kilda Seconds  should be 0 - 5 at the end of the next rwo rounds.

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Yeah Sandringham really have let themselves get into a position where they are on their knees.

Only a few years ago, the Zebras announced they would be returning to standalone status and it was looking like such a promising and exciting time ahead for the club.

I think back to the Williamstown wearing a Collingwood jumper during their alignment.  It was damaging to the club then and I really would have thought that Sandringham should have learnt that lesson from the Seagulls.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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Further to that I guess. Casey is another example of a club that has thrown away a strong and unique jumper (in its various forms) along with their song and logo.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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These 2.30pm starts are annoying me.  It was getting dark in the last 10mins of Sunday' game at TBO. The new scoreboard was bright and easy visible 

I like to make a positive  commenta out the situation at Sandy but I cant think of one 

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Yep hard to find anything positive about Sandy at present. Piss weak administration over a long period of time got them where they are now, preferring to take the easy way with AFL affiliations and keep going with it, rather than do the hard work required to survive in their own right. Frankston and Preston have shown what can be done in just a few years. They say is never too late but I think it is for Sandy.


Fair comment Bearsman !

You really have to admire clubs like Coburg, Frankston, Northern Bullants & to a lesser degree Werribee who are really putting in a huge effort to stay competitive.

Buggered if I know how they are doing it, because it doesn't come cheap.

Good luck to them.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

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Frankston have built a very strong club off the field, and that has enabled them to now focus fully on building a competitive team. And they've done a fantastic job. Smart recruiting, thinking outside the square. I am terrified of the mid-season draft at this point because I honestly think we could lose 5 of our best, but it's a credit to those blokes and to the recruiters at Frankston who have identified blokes with a hunger for the game. These guys have bonded together and play with real passion, and the crowd numbers at Skybus reflect that. If Sandy can find a way to work on pulling their large support base together off the field, then anything is possible. I'd hate to see the Zebras gone.


I think that everbody that follows the VFL would be in the same boat aj !

Appears to me that Sandy have always been prepared to take the easy option instead of doing the hard work.

I think that the chances of reverting back to the original club are a thousand to one. Hope i'm wrong.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Sorry aj9172  that large Zebras support base disappeared a long time ago! Take the few hundred St Kilda fans who go to Sandy matches away at TBBRO and there would be very few people left!

The problem is two fold - some how for a smart board with an ex bookmaker as CEO back then amd a board menber who styiled himself as a pokies facilitator missed out totally on getting into the early pokies money bonanza and still dont have that money stream that many of the VFL clubs have today.

I would think the main source of revenure now keeping the club afloat would be the social club as memberships and gate takings wouldn't amount to much or be enough to run a stand alone club! Most of the clubs income would go on CEO Ashcrofts salary I would suggest!

Its not if but only a matter time when the SFC becomes the Southern Saints like the womens VFL team is called. The 100th birthday of the club in 2028 is looking shaky.

Don't forget the SFC has been a alinged clob for 21 years so most people on the board would't have clue how to run a stand alone club so its hard to compare to Frankston who have never been alinged.!!

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Looking forward to Williamstown v Frankston tomorrow. Two old vfa clubs unbeaten 3-0. Should be a very competitive game.