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The official VFL / VFLW website.

Terrible.  Not even an update about Round 1 starting tomorrow for the VFLW.

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The VFL website has been a joke for as long as I can remember

Member of Essendon and Coburg

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Looks like the VFL/VFLW app has been abandoned too. I couldn't get any pages to open.

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Yeah Bearsman, I have recently uninstalled it for that reason too.  Since the AFL took over direct management of the competition the promotion of the competition appears amateruish to me.  How does an elite competition not have a function and maintained site?


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Same old story, if is not about the AFL competition , they have no interest in promoting, maintaning or even putting any thought or effort into the lower levels. Love him or hate him, the first thing V'Landys did when he took over the NRL was to allocate a truckload of money to ensure the survival and growth of grass roots rugby. McLaughlan couldn't give a rat's arse about grass roots footy and Ive been saying for years it will wither and die under his 'leadership' and I have no reason to think any  differently now. Unfortunately it seems the job is his as long as he wants it.

Before the pandemic hit, the AFL club presidents were trying to organise a meeting with Gilligan to discuss the direction the AFL was going - apparently most were unhappy, but this meeting seems to have been forgotten about. 

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After watching the ABL this summer I'm looking forward to the MLB starting more than the VFL or AFL.

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They're doing a good job of promoting baseball. The coverage has been great. Been watching the Premier League bowls too which has been excellent. Both sports are way more promoted than the VFL. Great work AFL, you're surrendering your heartland minute by minute to a multitude of sports.