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VFL 2021 what could it look like

Tomorrow VFL club presidents will meet to start chatting to AFL about what the 2021 VFL season will look like

My thoughts are

1. VFA name will never return (that is dead)

2. No AFL Reserves competition as it is too expensive especially given current COVID circumstances.


Insteresting things to look at we have 14 VFL teams effectively going forward, we could add the following

1. one or both Carlton and Northern Blues (Preston) participating

2. 4 AFL aligned teams from Northern Australia (Brisbane Lions, Sydney Swans, GWS Giants & Gold Coast Suns) also have asked to participate.

This could take us back to 2000 when 20 teams were in the league then add to the Mix Tasmania being included in VFL in 2022 to make it possibly a 21 team competition.

I understand they hope to make a decision by the end of August

Would like to hear other people's thoughts on this?

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The old VFA clubs will be told they are not welcome and the VFL will become the Eastern Australian Football League reserves competition.


comeg "The old VFA clubs will be told they are not welcome and the VFL will become the Eastern Australian Football League reserves competition."

I hope thats what the AFL do and maybe we can have the VFA back with a couple of strong suburban teams like Vermont/Balwyn/Noble Park added to have 10 team comp.The other option is that the clubs go to a suburban league.

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In terms of the VFA clubs I think their only chance of survival will be to amalgamate with a NAB team. I cant see them being included in any new competition as stand alone entities. I heard somewhere that amalgamation is the preferred option for the 5 clubs.

Personally I would prefer them all to form a new league, called the VFA with the 10 or so teams mentioned, but there would be plenty of problems, as it would need funding from the AFL and I cant see that happening, but if funded it probably wouldn't be to the extent needed, making long term survival and the standard of the competition an issue. 


I think joining with the NAB teams is a must.

You would think the clubs could run a pretty lean comp with not that many employees and mabye some of the old supporters like me to chip in and come along to real club matches again.

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There has been a groundswell of support for the return of the VFA name, with Phil Cleary pushing for its rightful return and press coverage through the Herald-Sun and Leader Group newspapers.  A recent poll, was overwhelmingly in favour of its return. (91%).

Encouraging signs!


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

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It's Sunday, it's Sunday, Sunday for the VFA !!!

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There is the full game of Waverley v Berwick at Central Reserve on YouTube from 1984.
There is 3 games of Berwick's 1984 now posted on YouTube.
Great looking back at these old games.

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VFA there is a couple of highlight videos of Caulfield games on Youtube. Caulfield v Coburg at Princes Park in 1977, Phil Cleary starred and got wacked by John Einsedel, and also Caulfield v Prahran 1979.


I love all the sentiment for the old VFA but unfortunately that went in 1995.

it will never return!

Just like there won't be an AFL Reserves competition (too expensive) i think we are heading back to where the Comp was in 2000 with up to 20 teams.

if Northern AFL reserves teams join you will find if an VFL Standalone club is drawn against them that match would be in Melbourne vfl standalone teams will not need to travel. 


If that pathetic jumbled comp comes into being then second tier? football in Victoria is stuffed more than it has been recently and thats saying something!