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2020 VFL Season Cancelled

2020 VFL Season has been cancelled confirmed in a statement by the AFL

First time since 1944 no VFA/VFL season has been played - 76 years ago

It is 6th season ever to be canceled in VFA/VFL history. 1916 & 1917 for World World 1 and 1942-1944 for World War 2. "They even played thru Spanish Flu"

Dan Andrews has announced Metro Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will return to Stage 3 restictions from midnight tomorrow night until August 19


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RIP 2020.   Stand by for reading of the last Rites for 2020. 

Not going to be easy to re-group for 2021

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Victoria will reimpose stage three restrictions for six weeks in metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire in a bid to slow a rapid spread of coronavirus.

Premier Daniel Andrews announced the stay-at-home orders would be reimposed from midnight tomorrow night.

There were 191 new confirmed cases announced today, with 37 linked to known outbreaks and the remaining 154 under investigation.

Mr Andrews said the new restrictions were the result of the "unacceptably" high number of new cases.

"It is simply impossible, with case rates at these levels, to have enough contract tracing staff to have enough physical resources … in order to suppress and contain this virus without taking significant steps," he said.
Mr Andrews said people acting as if the pandemic was over was "not the answer, it is part of the problem".
He said the virus had leaked from postcodes already under the stay-at-home orders to other parts of Melbourne.
"We know we are on the cusp of something very, very bad if we don't take these steps today," he said.

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With 191 cases today it didn't look good. That was the nail in the coffin unfortunately.
As for AFL footy in Melbourne you can almost forget anything until at least September ?
Crowds at the MCG is looking only a very remote chance and there is a strong possibility that the AFL GF could be played in Perth this year.


I think you are right vfa and it is looking likely the AFL GF will be in Perth.

Im a bit sad as I would have loved to cheer for a standalone Sandy side again but a 7 team comp over a few weeks wasnt real a season.

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Hugely disappointing, but if it is going to save lives then it's hard to not see why the season shouldn't be cancelled. I was so looking forward to footy too. 

Here's hoping they are able to push the season back, or even runner a sporting time comp of some sort. Winter of 2021 seems a long long way away right now! 


* It's time to restore the VFA name.


AFL have confirmed VFL season has been cancelled in a statement at 12:30pm


Official statement from AFL


Oh well I still have the AFL on TV for as long as they keep11 going!

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Got heaps of old tapes to watch at home. Better than the reality TRASH on these days.
Billy I reckon the odds of the AFL GF to be played in Perth is firming by the day.
It would be almost certainly be played interstate in this strange new world we have in 2020.
Don't think there will be any more footy in Melbourne in 2020.
Spewing the VFL got cancelled but there was no choice and for people's safety I can well and truly understand.
Once they announced there would be a six weeks lockdown it was all over.

To all posters and their families stay safe especially in this lockdown period.


If you run out VFA I've got three good ones to watch, although they are nearly worn out.!!

"Veni Vidi Vici "

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