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Crowds? Surely this is good news for the VFL?

This appeared on Leader newspapers site today....surely it spells good news for crowds being allowed at VFL games too?

The Southern Football Netball League says its position remains unchanged and it’s aiming to start its season on Saturday, July 25.

The SFNL board met on Tuesday night and resolved to push on, despite the extension of Victoria’s state of emergency until July 19.

League officials are linking up with clubs from all four divisions this week.

Southern’s stance comes as AFL Victoria said this morning that crowds could attend matches but spectators must “be strictly compliant with government directions and restrictions’’.

They “should be in groups of no more than 10 people in open, outdoor venues and spread out around the ground or venue’’ and be 1.5m apart.

“Gathering limits will not apply to participants and those reasonably necessary to conduct the training or competition (e.g. umpires, coaches),’’ AFL Victoria said.

“Where venues allow for vehicle access surrounding the oval, spectators are encouraged to remain in their vehicle (subject to Government advice regarding risk for spectators viewing from vehicles, e.g. cohabiting family/household members only).’’

Clubs will be responsible for spectators observing social distancing.

AFL Victoria gave no information about a cap on crowd numbers.

The Southern league clubs will be asked to decide by Friday, July 3 if they want to take part in the season.

“With all the facts we have at hand, nothing’s really changed from the intention to start om July 25,’’ SFNL CEO Lee Hartman told Leader.

“We’re still pushing for that date.

“The information is being explained to the clubs over the next two nights and then they’ll have the option to enter teams or not.’’


Most VFL "crowds" are that small anyway it wont make a lot of difference!

When was the last time a VFL H&A game had more than genuine 2000 people attend?

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Thanks AJ. Sounds good, hopefully we will hear it from Dim Sim Dan himself soon.


Billy, the last VFL game I went to, Frankston v Port in June last year, had more than 2000 people.


Hey paul thats one match and BTW a Port v Frankston match should have a minimum of 5000 in a place the size of Frankston.If they did  have 2000 as you clain and only half paid to get in it would ba gate of $10,000 which I doubt any VFL club as had for a very long time

Unless you have your eyes closed most matches struggle to get between 500 to a1000 people and its been like that for a very long time!

The only time a half decent crowd may bother to turn up is if an AFL super star is playing.

Ive been to many local league matches that have way more the even the top VFL games get now and they are more passionate and vocal.


I doubt it was only one match, given it was in June. A crowd of 2000 isn't that unusual early in the season.

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Billy - re your question how many home and away crowds got 2k last season. I can oly talk of Port crowds as I don't get to any other games but last year their were a few. Williamstown v Port under lights had in excess of 2k last season (as Wally from WIlliamstown posted earlier this year), Port v Collingwood at home had 2k according to a VFL media person, Port Frankston from reports was around 2k and also the 1st game v Box Hill had a healthy crowd.


Coburgs crowds grew last season with some healthy gates, its inevitable that their must have been other 2k crowds in the comp last season.

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