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ABC Back Roads.. ‘Rokewood-Corindhap

Last nights ABC program had a story about Victorian towns Rokewood and Corindhap that mainly focused on the local Footbal & Netball Club. Former Nth Ballarat champion Shaune "Spider" Moloney is coach of the footy team and he featured in a cuple of segments. . The show highlighted the importance of sporting clubs to small towns.

It showed a different side of Spider to his days as a fiecly competitive full back especially when playing on Nick Sauntner.  To those who remember Spider's playing for the Roosters I recommend viewing the show.

The program is repeated 

   Wednesday 24 June 12.30pm on ABC  News

   Saturday 27 June 5.00pm on ABC & ABC HD

   Saturday 27 June 7.30pm on ABC  News

   Sunday 28 June 2.30pm & 9.30pm on ABC News



Rocker. A really great insight into a small country town & how their sporting clubs survive.

Spider is a very very funny man & would have been a sensation on the comedy circuit.

In his profession he is vice principal at the prestigious Ballarat & Clarendon College & is well respected  throughout the community.

Disappointing that they never mentioned his Rooster involvement.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Yes it was a great show that showed how important the local football and netball clubs are in small country towns.I didnt mind the Grashoppers jumper either.

I hope all the overpaid big wigs at the AFL watched the show and learned that our great is not all about the AFL but has deep roots in communities all around the Nation and if we ever lose that the game will be in a lot of trouble!

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Watched the show. Excellent episode. Rokewood community love their footy and sports. The grasshoppers as they are known have pride in their green jumper. Spider Moloney is the coach, a school teacher. great at wood chopping and generally happy go lucky character that typifies the whole community. How about the trainer who has been there for 40 years and also has his 40th anniversary of his marriage on the year 2020. Stories like this are fantastic.
McLaughlin and all the other AFL clowns need to sit down and watch this programme and understand what towns like Rokewood and their footy is all about. There would be many towns like Rokewood out there.

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Time will tell if clubs like this survive. The AFL doesnt have a plan (or the inclination) to help grass roots footy, and there's not much chance of that changing now that money is tight and the broadcast rights that finance the whole industry will most likely reduce each year. Sporting clubs are the lifeblood of country towns and their survival should be a priority for the AFL.

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Footy clubs survived two world war wars and two depressions before the big money from TV rights came along. There's no reason why they would necessarily fall off a cliff just now as long as participants are willing to pay for less money, which is the major expenditure item for any footy club, other than the VAFA which doesn't pay their players, of course lol 

The other major issue is that crowds are less during home-and-away rounds nowadays due to everybody's obsession with the AFL but hopefully every club survives and thrives