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Where are Sandringham at?

They have now been a weak side for many seasons.  

Ever since the alignment with Melbourne ended their on field performances have been very average.

How many years into the St Kilda alignment are they?

I can't see Sandringham surviving if they continue down the alignment path.  My dad commented today that there didn't seem to be any Sandy supporters at Arden street today.  They used to be one of the sides with a strong supporter base and big crowds.

I remember that the club was going to go standalone and announced that to the playing group, then did a backflip prior to the following season.  I can't help wonder what might have been if the club when back down the independant path.


Just seeing a St Kilda logo already present on the Zebras jumper.. I think the signs are ominous.  Shame some of the great past players don't mount a challenge to right the ship.

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About a dozen Sandy supporters were at the huddles.  Large number of Kanga fans attended.  No Nth Melb AFL game on the weekend plus Majak having a run and an opportunity to take in a bit of nostalgia at a game at Arden St encouraged the Kangas out for the game..

 I arrived  as the players were running onto the field and was amazed at how big the crowd was. I had trouble getting a vantage spot on the fence, Apart from directly behind the non-Arden St goals it was wall to wall with people around the boundary fence. It was the largest  crowd at  a VFA/AFL home & away game I've seen for decades.  The crowd started to move out soon after half time when the word got around that Majak no show for second half, the result by then was obvious at that time,


Sandringham are dying a slow lingering death from the cancer that is the St Kilda FC!


Very sad to see this geat club in it's death rows.

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