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Bringing back the Bullant.

From the Northern Blues website:

 May 9, 2019    ·     Cristian Filippo    ·    News


The Bullant is officially back, when the Northern Blues run out against Coburg in its Heritage Round. (PHOTO CREDIT: Tim Murdoch)

REVIVING the Ants’ Spirit.

The Bullant will be back on Sunday 9 June, with the Northern Blues Football Club delighted to officially announce its Heritage Round.

In its first game at the City Oval for the season, the red of Preston will return to Cramer Street in fitting circumstances.

The 156th instalment of the Battle of Bell Street will see Northern wear the famous Bullant on the front of the guernsey against local rivals, Coburg.

The game will also double up as Northern’s official past players day, with a President’s Luncheon to take place in the Grandstand Function Centre.

Poignantly, this year marks the 50th anniversary of Preston going back-to-back in 1968 and 1969.

Northern Blues senior coach Josh Fraser said the chance to run out in the Club’s old colours will be an opportunity to savour.

“We may be known as the Northern Blues now, but there’s so much history at this club which we always aim to embrace and remember,” Fraser said.

“The Ants’ Spirit is something I didn’t know too much about before arriving here, but over the last three and a half years it’s what has made our playing group tick. It’s growing all the time and I think our fans have seen that in the opening month of the season.

“Every week, we run out with ‘Remember the Ants’ Spirit’ on the hem of the jumper. For that to be at front of mind in a month’s time, it’s really exciting and something I know the playing group is so keen to be involved with.

“We want to do our club proud, we want to do our history proud and there’s no better occasion than being back at Preston against Coburg.”

Northern Blues General Manager Ben Brennan echoed Fraser’s sentiments, saying the day would be a memorable occasion.

“Some great players have run out for Preston and the Northern Bullants, and we know the Club’s history means a lot to a lot of people,” Brennan said.

“To be able to run out with the Bullant on the jumper for the first time in eight years will be a memorable day for those involved with our club.

“It’s important to mention Pinnacle Print Group: without their support, the day wouldn’t have been possible.

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They should be wearing the red and white with bullant emblem every game. Great to wear this for heritage round but seriously ditch the disgraceful blue jumper and blues moto as well as all games back at Cramer street.

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They'd get more support going back to their rightfulclassic red jumper. 


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"We know the Club’s history means a lot to a lot of people,” Brennan said."

Didnt mean much when they sold the club out...

Agree with North Port - if they were fair dinkum they would be wearing the original jumper.

Wally from Will...
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This jumper, not the one with the bullant on the front

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What  the people at Carlton know about the Preston Football Club could be written on the back of a postage stamp !!

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


Whats the latest news on North Ballarat digs? Oh and hasent  Footscray playing at the Northern Oval been a huge success? LOL


Not a lot to talk about really Billy !

The North Ballarat Roosters as we knew them are virtually extinct & the local team are really struggling in the Ballarat football league,

I'm certain that there will be a team that will represent the region if & when the VFL can guarantee some future direction & stability in what is now a dog's breakfast of a competition.

As for the Bulldogs they have been a little unlucky with the draw & the weather up to date but on Sarurday's attendance of nearly 10 thousand against a very good interstate side things will only get better. They have another game in round 23 against Adelaide & with good weather should produce a record crowd of over 12 thousand which is as good as some other AFL games.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


I am hearing this match is likely to be now played at Carlton. Hearing Preston may not be used at all this season.