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Footy cleared to start on July 20th

Finally, community footy gets the green light.


 I have some exciting news for you and Frankston FC

This morning we've announced further changes to COVID restrictions - including the staggered resumption of community sport. 

From 22 June, full-contact training and competition will resume for people under 18 years. Non-contact competition will also be able to resume for all age groups.

Adults can resume contact training a little later from 13 July and competitions for adult contact sports will start a week later, on 20 July.

For more information and official advice, check out the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services website at

If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact my office on 9783 9822 or simply reply to this email

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Hopefully we will have details of the vfl  season fixtures and times within a week or two.