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ken mansfield sandy/ coburg didnt mind a scrap played the first semi against port in 83 with a broken hand sustained the night before in a pub brawl  and proseded to knock glynn evans into the crowd great memories of a bygone era



Darrel Mac Kenzie, John Bennett, Dennis Oakley,Barry Harrison, Alan Pobjoy and Terry Wilkins were also some Sandy players that didnt take a backward step These type of players would reported out of the game nowadays.

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Ryan Gilpin ex coburg. One player that nick sautner knows well. Imagine if you had Rags radziminski, buster harland, alan harper, trevor price, john sharp, micky thompson in the same team. Scary thought. Current players wouldn't last 2 seconds against those players. They would be worse for wear.

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There is video of Mickey Thompson belting Brian Jones in a TV game at Ftankston on Youtube. It was right on the boundary line interchange area and the camera was on them. Mick had just  been reported and sent off. Phil Gibbs was calling the game and nearly had kittens when Mick hit him. Here is the link, but the clip is over an hour long...Ill try and find what time it happens in the clip later and post the time to look for.

The action happened about the 12 minute mark or the video.

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Micky Thompson was very fiery. This game was in 1984.

Frankston and Port had some great clashes at Frankston back in those days with decent crowds.