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Devils break home draught
Great win for the Devils. There first since round 17 2006. Who needs those Kangaroos? They have seemed to have found some promising players (particularly Bongetti, Charlesworth, Hardy and Cornelius) and some of the older players have steeped up like Thurley, Shackleton. They also seemed to apply more pressure to there opponents, attack the ball more and pride. Attendances was about 2500 which was ok and I’m shore more people will turn up if we continue to play like this. This season looks like it’s going to be better than last and Cresswell can keep his job for another week.
Great win for the Devils - sort of game that they would of lost last year; slowing down in the 3 quarter Thylacine summed it up well- great to see the young guys and Setchell /Thurley playing well Crowd numbers down - they will come back with some wins
Saw some of this game yesterday and it looked like Geelong really did struggle at times. Well done to the Devils.
good work guys! can anyone tell me what the crowd was like?? do you think they will attract a good crowd on ANZAC day?
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Great win by Tassie. Will win quite a few at home and maybe a couple away. Good to see the local kids get a game and win. You don't need afl hacks or an afl club telling you who to play and where to play them. Well done devils.
The crowd was about 2500. Lot of kids there not many Geelong fans there like other years. They will be hoping to get about 4000 for ANZAC day which is about what they used to get to it at North Hobart. Congrats to Nathan Street for 100 games for the Devils only the 4th to do so.
Yep I am tipping 4-5000 -ANZAC day usually is a good day for people to come along - are you coming along Iceman!? There was one very loud Geelong supporter behind the goals at the Southern Grandstand end
[quote="taswegian"]Yep I am tipping 4-5000 -ANZAC day usually is a good day for people to come along - are you coming along Iceman!?[/quote] Unfortunately work commitments on the thursday night will mean no, I really have to organise my schedule in advance, because i would love to get down there for one of the Scorps games, we seem to play there every year! I would love for Tassies and the VFL's sake it gets a good 5000+!