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Bendigo Gold to finish up this season

Bendigo gold have announced they will not seek to renew it's VFL license next season

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Very sad to hear that news as Bendigo is needed in central Victoria as N. Balllarat is, but have a better setup and a lot more history and financial backup.
Wish Bendigo good luck in their future.

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Really sad news to hear.Was hoping Bendigo could make a fist of it. Hopefully alot of the boys at Bendigo find new homes in 2015 at VFL level.

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Any future club has to be linked with the Pioneers and have the full support of the AFL. It's sad the club and it people were largely left to fend for themselves in what was invariably going to end in failure.

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The problem is the Pioneers are a bit of a mess themselves, it's been a long time since they've had success too. Not a great pathway to the VFL team.

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Real shame but probably not a surprise. It's tough trying to create a presence anywhere when there's AFL (which is seen as "real footy") on TV all the time. I reckon you'd need massive backing from council, local footy and some rich benefactors and even then it would be hard.

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The club has been battling, even before it went standalone.

It's amazing to think that Greater Bendigo can't support a club like Bendigo, with thousands of businesses in the area.

This doesn't just hurt Bendigo, but hurts the VFA/VFL as well.

Now that the writing is on the wall, I'm predicting some fearful hiding to finish off the year.

Very sad to see them go.

The VFL needs football in the area, but I'm not sure what can be done.

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If it's not viable to start a club... Then the AFL needs to pull its finger out and tell those of its clubs that have reserves in the VFL to play their games in areas not covered by a high level team (Bendigo, Latrobe Valley, Shepparton and even the North Western growth corridor come to mind). It's win win - build the clubs brand and build the VFLs brand. The fact is those clubs aren't concerned with short term profits.

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With no more Bendigo, it just leaves the comp with two-thirds of a country side. Yes, I said two-thirds Digs, because some of your spots belong to North Melbourne.

We might as well call the VFL the 'Melbourne Football League'.

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Isn't Geelong in the Country BrekkyDJ?

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really sad to hear this news, but i feared the worst for quite a while. I haven't seen them much this year but enjoyed watching the previous 10 years or so immensely. Graham Pratt was a huge loss and imo signalled early that ultimately fatal problems existed in the venture.