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Letter from the VFL

The Port Melbourne official Facebook account posted this important notice earlier today. 


The club has received the following message from the AFL today in response to recent speculation about the future of the Victorian Football League (VFL) completion:

“State League competitions and your clubs play a critical role in the development of elite talent and provide the highest level of competition outside of the AFL while ensuring a strong connection to community. State Leagues also provide important pathway opportunities for staff (administrators / coaches / fitness / trainers / medical).

No decision has been made to change the structure of second tier competitions, and we are focused on strengthening the existing talent pathways to ensure the best opportunity is afforded to players to compete at the highest level possible.

If any conversations were to occur regarding any change in the future, this would be in consultation with all state league competitions and clubs.”


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That sounds semi optimistic to me.


I read that as meaning that they don't have a better system in the near future and will continue to back the clubs and the competition. 


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I think they would be more inclined to have a AFL reserves comp if their was no longer any alligned clubs. It seems at present that some AFL clubs enjoy the benefits that are brought about of being in a alignment - should this one day change and all AFL clubs had a 2nds then it would probably be a strong case of going back to the old days which would realy make a mess of the old VFL clubs and their competition. 

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