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2018 Round 6 - Port Melbourne v Footscray

12/05/2018 02:10PM North Port Oval

From the Port Melbourne FC Website - 

We’re back at North Port Oval and next Saturday 12th May promises to be MASSIVE!

After the disappointment of seeing our first two home games transferred, we’re delighted to announce “non-stop excitement” as part of return to our hallowed turf for the Round 6 clash against Footscray!

The day will kick off with our senior women’s team playing their first ever game on the famous North Port in their South Eastern Division 1 clash with Cranbourne at 11:30am, before the unfurling of our 2017 Premiership Flag prior to our VFL side taking on the Dogs.

With an early weather forecast indicating perfect conditions, we’d love to see a typically HUGE show of Borough support!

There will be membership and merchandise sales, a jumping castle and face painting for the kids, the usual food and drink outlets; and even a new-look coffee cart open for business.

There will also be our traditional pre-game President’s Luncheon taking place in the Sandridge Events Centre from 11:45am, which will be themed as a celebration of our memorable 2017 Premiership success and feature retired stars Toby Pinwill, Chris Cain and Sam Dwyer as Guest Speakers.

Tickets are on sale to the Luncheon for $60 to Members and $80 to Non-Members. All are welcome.

Should you wish to reserve your place at the Luncheon, please contact the club via phone (9646 2094) or email (

The day will also mark our club’s involvement in AFL Victoria’s ‘Beyond Blue Round’, and be subject to live TV coverage from Channel 7 from 2:00pm; meaning there will be lots of ways to be involved in what will be a magnificent day for our football club.

See you all there!


Port Melbourne

B: 3. L. Tynan, 21. L. Cook, 22. D. Viojo-Rainbow

HB: 37. H. Hooper, 20. G. Dickson, 5. S. Lange

C: 19. A.  Anastasio, 14. I.  Conway, 35. E.  Templeton

HF: 1. M. Rivett, 15. D. Beddison, 29. C. Walker

F: 9. A. Krakauer, 6. J. Lisle, 32. B. Pearson

R: 2. K. Haretuku, 10. M. Arnot, 4. T. O’Sullivan

Int: 17. A. Carr, 23. K. Dove, 24. M. Hayes, 11. B. Lloyd, 27. D. Mascitti, 28. R. Nahas, 8. D. Van Unen, 18. M. Wooffindin

23P: 30. E. Phillips



B: 51. L. Dalgleish, 18. F. Roberts, 37. R. Smith

HB: 24. S. Biggs, 23. J. Roughead, 54. R. William

C: 56. W.  Hayes, 50. J.  Prudden, 28. C.  Porter

HF: 30. F. Greene, 13. J. Schache, 40. N. Mullenger-Mchugh

F: 44. T. English, 8. J. Trengove, 66. A. Monfries

R: 15. T. Campbell, 46. L. Jong, 60. A. Tashevski-Beckwith

Int: 64. A. Bruhn, 55. A. Greenwood, 73. R. McComb, 61. L. Nash, 71. A. Panayi, 53. L. Sullivan, 68. D. Symeopoulos, 67. J. Wallis

23P: 65. N. Hamad


In: J. Roughead, A. Monfries, A. Tashevski-Beckwith, L. Jong, J. Prudden, T. English

Out: L. Webb, M. Goodyear

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Three experienced players back in the mix for the Borough - Mascitti, Nahas and Wooffindin all back in contention.

Saturday will be cool with a top of 15, but no rain expected.


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Plenty of AFL level talen in that Footscray side.  Should make for a classic encounter once again.  English (if he lines up) and Roughead as the two rucks for the Doggies will be a tough ask for Haretuku, particularly with Waddell not in the side.  


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The weather will test out the drainage at Port Melbourne! Lets hope Fortburn Stadium isn't too muddy under foot.  Will they move tomorrows game??


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Tomorrows game is ok and from all reports we should be ok for the rest of the season. Hope I am not proven wrong *nervous look*. Kills us playing away from home.

37 times Grand finalists
16 times premiers
21 times runners up - THE MIGHTY BOROUGH!

I'LL BE PORT UNTIL I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Port Melbourne win by 36 points

channel 7 commentators said the ground is sub standard.

Looked awful off the tv

Huge concern

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What a win! 

Just thrilled with how the Borough played the game out. So many positives. I've got lots to say and will post more later. 


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  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Port Melbourne 1.3-9 5.6-36 10.10-70 15.12-102
Footscray 4.3-27 7.7-49 7.8-50 10.9-69

Port Melbourne

Goal Kickers:J. Lisle 3, B. Pearson 2, A. Anastasio 2, G. Dickson 2, I. Conway, B. Lloyd, M. Wooffindin, C. Walker, A. Krakauer, E. Templeton
Best Players:R. Nahas, S. Lange, G. Dickson, M. Wooffindin, I. Conway, A. Krakauer


Goal Kickers:J. Schache 3, J. Roughead, J. Trengove, F. Greene, L. Jong, T. English, R. William, L. Nash
Best Players:J. Schache, W. Hayes, J. Roughead, T. English, F. Roberts, L. Dalgleish



Hey North Port

Why dont Port fly flags from the Grandstand flagpoles anymore as it gives a great atmosphere 

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I'd imagine it's :

a) a wear and tear issue

b) cost issue

c) H&S issue

But truthfully, I have no idea.  I said to my brother yesterday it would have been good to have seventeen flags all flying!

I've started watching the Channel 7 coverage of the game and couldn't agree more re: Harvey Hooper.  I thought late last year when he burst onto the scene that he may be a chance to be rookied.  He's built on last years form and stood out in the first quarter of yesterdays game, when the Borough were looking a little shaky.