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[quote="ozybeer"]Lost count many years ago, i think between 38-48[/quote] Your a classic oz !
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I`m 42 years old and George gee your bloody old.
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42. Have supported Williamstown all my life, and dont have an AFL team. Can just remember Max Papley, but certainly remember Barry Gill and his rants in the quarter huddles. 2 divisions meant that you tended to have a couple of teams you also kept an eye on. (When Willy were in Div2 i usually followed Sandy and Prahran in Div 1, and when Willy were in Div1 usually wanted Northcote to do well in Div 2. ) Consequently, like blackrocker, dont have ill feelings to any teams (although the Borrough supporters are testing me at the moment :oops: !!)
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Great to see that there is some serious passion being shown online by the Port Melbourne fans, which is great considering how sanitized many believe AFL footy has become.
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ABOUT TO ENTER MY FOURTH DECADE! Still feeling young though!
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A young 40,look like a 30 year old thou
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I'm 49. Lived in Port all my life. I lived across the road from the ground for the first 20 years of my life and my mother still lives there. My older brothers played for Port and my mother has been a ladies committee volunteer for 35 years.....and still going. My children have also worked for the club. The premierships and the players in the 80's were memorable. If anyone still remembers I use to work in the cateen under the scoreboard selling refreshments back then. I will continue to be very passionate about PMFC because it has been 'part of life' since I was born. :P
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Im 22 going on 23. Been going for the Dolphins as long as i can remember, still have footage of me doing vickick on dolphins oval at half time.
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37yrs, m, born in Frankston , earlyest dolfin memorys involve going with my dad to the games after jr football had finished on a sunday. Sitting up in the old cypress pines that were on the grandstand side of the ground (removed at least 20 years ago now)I remember the big crowds, the muddy grounds and a pie was prob $1 and sauce was free... ahhh the good olde days, .... we were all younger then haha! 8)
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[quote="jasonborough"]A young 40,look like a 30 year old thou[/quote] You oughta be in movies Jason

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years