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[quote="TheVoiceoftheB"]Have I got the youngest at 17?[/quote]Probably. Im 26.
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[quote="billythekid"]66 and still fit and running my own business.[/quote] The happy club its called. And no bastard is invited. Everyone go away and leave me alone. Billythekid.
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I am 54 years old and will be 55 next month. Hopefully a early birthday present Port winning on Friday but all the best to the North Ballarat supporters making the Grand Final sorry I cannot hope you win. Go Borough!
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47 Been following the vfa/vfl comp since the days of max papley and Rodney Hogg was running around at Westgarth Street. Old enough to remember the lightning premiership, dandy dollar dash with Norm Yemm, tough lowly second division battles, relegation battles, packed grounds with tribalism and diehard hardcore fans, streamers, floggers, skinner reserve, yarraville oval, westgarth street, mckinnon reserve, VFA playing the ovens and murray, ardath cup games at South Melbourne under lights, the McWilliams Centenary Cup with Port Melbourne beating Caulfield at Toorak park in the final. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemories. I am sure zebraman, zebra, cgull, blackrocker, cobra scorer and billy the kid etc could top my list of memories as they have a few years on me. They could add single divison pre 1961, Brighton Penguins, Grand Final at Port Melbourne featuring Waverley, Caulfield-Brighton, games at Dandenong Showgrounds as well as Selwyn Park Sunshine as well as Moorabin with Max papley running around as well as Lindsay Fox !!!
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Max papley in a williamstown jumper that should read as well as Rodney Hogg running around at Westgarth Street.
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I'm 54..and feeling every bit of it......started going to Sandy when I was around 4-5 years old as my mum always used to take me...we lived one street back from Beach Rd in Sandy....seen every Sandy flag except 1946....have seen more average years than great years following the Zebs...but the last 20 years have been fantastic...Sandy went from a reasonable club with the occasional finals appearance to an extremely well run and premiership winning club...the Zebs have gone from way down on the list to the 3rd most successful club on the number of flags won....never in my wildest dreams helped along with a guy called Jack Daniels, did I ever think that we'd get to this stage.... The VFA/VFL is a competition of changing environments...that doesn't suit a lot of people but you have to adapt to what the competition throws at next Tasmania....that's a real shame...I loved going down there each year....but now we'll have the Gold Coast trip in 2 years...and is the new Sydney team having a year in the VFL??? And who would have thought that we'd see a Grand Final at the Telstra Dome?? Sandy have been the constant in my life from Kindergarten...through State and High school....getting But all along the way I've still supported the mighty Zebras...and no doubt other supporters will have the same passion for their own team...that's what makes the competition...

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

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I am 24 years old i'v been following Port since 1987 grew up in Port and that was just the way it was you would live in Port and always go down and support them i never had much interest in the VFL /AFL as it was being a fitzroy supporter and all. I was shown a video at the age of 12 or 13 called six days of history and it shows you highlights of Ports 1974 1976 1977 1980 1981 1982 Grand final wins. From that day on i understood the passion the culture and pride when you pull on the red and blue jumper maybe that's why i'm so very passionate because i understand and respect what the teams in the past did for that club. So in 2008 i really hope the boys make there own history and it might start a trend like 80,81,82 :) Go Burra
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Lost count many years ago, i think between 38-48
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I'm 23, have been involved in the VFL as a football analyst/statistician and reporter since 2005.
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YOB = 1943. I was born of Williamstown stock and bred to hate Port. My earliest memories are of the early/mid fifties. I followed the Seagulls up to the early seventies until I married and moved to the “other side of the Bay”. Due to work and family commitments I drifted away from following the VFA on a regular basis (although I went to most GFs). When my kids grew up I renewed my interest and started to follow the Zebras. Time has tempered my attitudes;I bear no ill feelings to any team.