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Its great, this site seems to be getting alot more constant posts.. which is a good thing, keeps the site fresh and interesting.
Good call Northport, that kind of crap belongs on bigfooty.
Yeah some of the posts from Grizzlybear were just silly. I think he must have been at the Seagulls in Newport, quite drunk using wireless internet when he wrote that crap.
Northport is now the 'Hibernator'
The way I was biting back I suppose I'm lucky to be here. I'll be on my best behaviour from now on :wink:
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Whoever wrote that rubbish it is not worth even a response. Grizzly Bear by name, drongo and banned forever. This is an excellent site where we get updates on the vfl news, a bit of banter between arch rival teams, talk about the good old days of the VFA, even watch guys like Tony Jewell 1973 VFA GF as well as have an opinion on a range of things.
[quote="sandy08"]Northport is now the 'Hibernator'[/quote] or "Davey Crocket" he was famous for killing a bear
Bring em back I was entertaining if nothing else :lol:
[quote="footyman"]Bring em back I was entertaining if nothing else :lol:[/quote] :lol: :wink:
Good move Newport. I agree with your point about some utter crap being posted here in recent days and weeks.