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Final Score

Gold Coast 8-13(61)

Brisbane 19-7(121)


Well done once again Robbo.

The information you provide to these forums is invaluable & much appreciated.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green


The match was on Fox Footy and early on Brisbane was clearly the better side.

The former Liston Trophy winner .GWS.Richmond,Essendon player Jacob Townsend was playing for GC.

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Today's results. A bit of a boilover at TBBO. Well done to Coburg.

2021 VFL Mens

Gold Coast Suns 2.3 3.6 4.11 8.13 (61)
Brisbane Lions 5.2 8.4 14.5 19.7 (121)

Gold Coast Suns: Jeffrey 3 Sexton 2 Fiorini Townsend Pescud
Brisbane Lions: Tasker 5 Reville 5 Smith 3 Triffett 3 Coleman Fullarton McFadyen

Gold Coast Suns: Oea Reeves Jeffrey Fiorini Sexton McLennan
Brisbane Lions: Ellis-Yolmen Michael Joyce Reville Tasker Smith

2021 VFL Mens

Aspley 3.0 5.1 7.3 7.5 (47)
Southport 4.4 8.9 13.13 24.18 (162)

2021 VFL Mens

Casey Demons 1.5 1.6 5.10 7.15 (57)
Geelong Cats 1.1 3.4 6.5 8.8 (56)

Casey Demons: Brown 4 Lewis Bedford Daw
Geelong Cats: Jenkins 3 Fort Constable Jarvis Burke Stanley

Casey Demons: Brown Stockdale Daw Sparrow Jetta Lockhart
Geelong Cats: Fort Okunbor Constable Chalcraft Stanley Brownless

2021 VFL Mens

Port Melbourne 1.2 4.6 6.10 7.11 (53)
Coburg 3.7 4.10 7.13 12.17 (89)

Port Melbourne: Signorello 3 Anastasio Koenen Watson Minton-Connell
Coburg: McEvoy 4 Lowson 2 Nelson 2 Podhajski 2 Clarke Boucher

Port Melbourne: Templeton Walker Anastasio Wagner Signorello Hooper
Coburg: Bunker McEvoy Lentini Exon Boucher Thompson

2021 VFL Mens

Sandringham 4.2 10.6 12.7 13.9 (87)
Williamstown 4.1 7.1 10.6 11.12 (78)

Sandringham: McKernan 3 Dunstan 2 Wood 2 Carey 2 Coffield Hunter McHale Lok

Sandringham: Hunter Wood Dunstan Riordan Long Bayne

2021 VFL Mens

Richmond 5.2 8.4 15.9 19.9 (123)
GWS Giants 0.0 3.6 3.6 3.8 (26)

Richmond: Coleman-Jones 5 Olden 3 Ryan 2 Caddy 2 Bartlett 2 Stack 2 Henderson Chol McDonagh
GWS Giants: Shaw Youlten Chisholm

Richmond: Coleman-Jones Eggmolesse-Smith Martyn Dow McDonagh Caddy
GWS Giants: Brown Stone Sproule Fleeton Green Wehr

Wally from Will...
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some interesting results today, Willi and Port both losing and huge wins by Southport and Richmond, was that Ben Brown playing for Casey?


Most likely Mitch Brown the ex Geelong ex Sandringham ex Essendon Started at Sandringhan Dragons.#15 in the 2008 AFL draft

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A bit of dismal day down a port melbourne. The weather wasn't great and coburg were absolutely outstanding right from the start of the match their intensity and tackling pressure was very good with strong link up play and consistently winning the footy at stoppages.  I felt that more than any time recently that Port's skill level was severely lacking, with costly turnovers,  handalls not hitting targets and kicks going over players heads ... it was a frustrating day of football.

I know that we've got a lot of players missing still but I think regardless that the season is pretty much gone if we do drop another game.

My dad and I tried watching the game from different locations today as our usual standing spot for the last 25 years really isn't great to watch the footy from anymore which is a real shame.

I can't remember the last time we lost a home game against Coburg.. 

I think Port will need to have the entire list available to be any sort of show, but I think we are a middle of the road side in 2021.


* It's time to restore the VFA name.

Wally from Will...
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I would have thought that Ben Brown was unlucky to get dropped so you are probably correct billy

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.Billy.     I did get to Sandy v Willy and took a moving picture of the scoreboard. I tried to convert/compress/massage the file down to a size rhat could be uploaded but could not reduce from 99Mb to under the site limit of 64Mb 

Re. the ground naming ...The ticker says.. Welcome to Wilson Storage Trevor Barker Beach Oval. I've experienced stronger winds at TBO, but is was very cold.. Low attendancece, Considering the wind it was a good standard of footy with the Zebras deserving the reward of a victory sing-song. 

I will take advice from posters on how to further redude  files.   I started with a MP4, converted it to GIF, the best compression I could achieve was 99Mb.


Sorry to be a bit picky Blackrocker Its actual original name was The Beach Road Oval after its location on Beach  Road! Not the Beach Oval

The type of breese today at Sandy would be enough to upset most away teams.

When Bob Keddie became coach he asked people around the club about how the wind affected play which is does particually when a strong NW wind is blowing across the ground..

What he did was have semi circle lines drawn across the pockets that backline players players were NOT to kick into as it gave the opposition an advantage.Especially the Social Club pocket where the Social Club building gives some protection from the NW wind/gale when kicking for goal.