Former Melbourne Storm boss Ron Gauci says Frankston Dolphins Football Club can survive.ormer Melbourne Storm boss Ron Gauci says Frankston Dolphins Football Club can survive.

THE Frankston Dolphins Football Club can survive its dire financial woes and kick on in the VFL, a packed meeting has been told.

“We are not putting mission impossible on the table. It’s all doable,” former Melbourne Storm boss Ron Gauci said.

Speaking to supporters, members and players at Frankston Park last night, Mr Gauci — who has

been called in to help save the club — said it was essential the right people were put in the right positions.

He noted that community support was vital for the club, which is about $1.5 million in debt, to continue.

In a passionate speech, coach Pat Hill said players and coaching staff wanted to see more support.

“If everyone stands up behind us, we are all on board,” he said.

He made the comment after several people questioned whether players would stick with the club or quit.

Several Dolphins legends including former president Alan Wickes said it was essential supporters showed the same spirit that enabled the club recover from a grave financial position in 1977 before going on to win the Division 2 premiership the following year.

Administrators last night outlined a plan for the club to survive including boosting membership by 25 per cent and increasing sponsorship by $100,000.





are memberships for sale yet? I'll buy one, but only if they actually make it easy to buy (that is, online)

how do they owe players $160k? I thought they barely paid anything??


They played reasonably well this year, it was last year they followed the Coburg model and paid next to nothing. I imagine that figure quoted is for players, coaches, trainers, team managers, medics etc for the second half of the year.

I wouldn't think they could sell memberships while in administration. Glad to hear you're thinking of buying one though, the current number is probably the lowest it's ever been.

I believe there is a rally being organised to raise money for the club after the Administrators meet with the creditors. Hopefully there will be a club left to donate to.

Bearsman, can you please stop being so NEGATIVE 

having been at Port Melbourne today everyone wants Dolphins in the comp

positive talk only

Excuse me? I said I hope theres a club left after this. How is that negative.?Ive followed and finacially supported this mob for nearly 30 years and Im angry that they have let it get to this. You dont seem to want to face the fact that there is a very good chance Frankston FC will go under in the next couple of weeks. The fact is they are 1.5 million in debt and their problems are all of there own making. Oh bugger...too negative ? Sorry...



Really tough gig running a semi professional sports club. We should be careful of criticising those that have a crack at it.

There are some fantastic people at Frankston doing a wonderful job eg, the fantastic Tina who is carrying thewhole place on her shoulders at present and Robbo who gives up his time week in and week out, and its not my intention to knock them. My issue is with some of the poor decisions and planning by a few higher up in the club. The hardest task Ron Gauci has if he can save them is to find the right people , not just to keep them going but to grow and prosper and become the VFL powerhouse that they should be.

I am sorry Bearsman. I am just sick of negative talk.

Lets talk up the club not talk it down is the point I am trying to make.


You're right Robbo - we need to be positive. Sorry that my anger at this siuation gets the better of me at times.

I will keep my big gob shut from now on lol smiley

All will be good bearsman think positive. Ron gauci is an expert and what he went through with storm was a lot worse. He is the right man to get the dolphins on the right path. Peninsula is a large area and no reason why the dolphins can't be a top side in time. Plenty of passionate supporters. Add your logo with my logo and we can go way back to 1982 vfa second division grand final. Those were the days of finals footy at toorak park !!